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Single Review: 'Bristol Boy' By Molly-Anne

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Molly-Anne is a young and upcoming ‘Conscious Country’ musician, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning songwriter from local Gloucestershire, UK, bringing a quaint British charm to the Americana genre. I have had the pleasure of seeing Molly perform on a number of occasions so it was a pleasure to be asked to review her newest release 'Bristol Boy'.

Written by Molly-Anne and produced by Andy Guy at Doghouse Studios, Bristol Boy is a nostalgic nod to the sound of the noughties with elements of Pop-Punk, Americana, Rock Country and Blues threaded threw.

Bristol Boy begins with a very Brad Paisley-esque guitar riff & Molly's soft spoken vocals. The song portrays a teenage love story of partying, getting lost in the city and being wrapped up in each others company which Molly says relates to her 'more punk-rock days... frittering away summer holidays on romance, guitar music and cider'.

One thing that I absolutely love about this song is that Molly hasn't tried to pretend she's American and use references to famous US landmarks, but has stayed true to her roots and placed the location right at the heart of her own personal experiences growing up.

I have to admit, after listening to this song the first time, I woke up singing the you have no excuse not the know this song when you see Molly-Anne perform this live. It certainly has a wonderful melody & is accompanied perfectly by Molly's vocals. I may be inclined to say that this is my favourite song that Molly has recorded and released so far in her career.

Pre-Order available from August 18th with release on August 23rd.

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