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Single Review : Boxes - Over

“Last night, you said it was over. So as I went to leave, I touched your shoulder. “

What an opening line kicking straight in the instant full band sound well they are a band and you can definably tell its all so perfectly placed like they have been playing this song for years and the reverberations and tone on Davies voice is just magic and very unique the pedal steel and piano parts in this tracks are long perfection not just added features give this track sum substance they have been well thought out and worked in to track and you can picture the entire band playing this phrases like door slam shut for the final time receiving band harmonies and then the occasional word receiving some delay effect dropping away very shortly to bring more emotive full band sound at another level the piano and pedal steel taking the lead in this section backed by more of Davids Stand out vocals every drop out of just the percussion giving this track some excellent emotion heading in to a stunning break down part where davids vocals take the lead backed by just emotive piano chords and the accessional pedal steel slide part with the complete band sound breaking back in with Davies voice raising to the emotion for a few bars leading up to the entire band fade away.

The stand-out Moments in this track is how well everything is placed right from the drums to the pedal steel and piano. All feel like there 1000% meant to be there, not an afterthought in studio production, and Dave's Vocals are incredible a real unique sound in Country & its a complete full band sound all packaged to perfection

Pre -save Per-order Over Now now track out 7th May 2021

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