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Single Review: Becky Lawrence - 'What is Life'

Chart-topping Manx artist Becky Lawrence kick-starts her 2021 campaign with a more mature, self-assured sound.

Despite the events of 2020 and a year of lockdown, Manx artist Becky Lawrence didn't let that stop her with back-to-back releases, a #1 in the UK Country iTunes chart and nominations in the UK Country Radio Awards.

March 20th marks the first release of 2021 for this up-and-coming artist. What is Life explores the deeper issues and serves as a reminder to renew your outlook on life, and look up and enjoy the moment, rather than looking back, wishing life away or living it through a screen.

Becky explains: “I was driving home from band practice in 2017 and this chorus dropped into my head. Being a very spiritual person it felt like the universe had given these words to me. They sat for a while until I met Hugh and over the years it became this song. I wanted it to make people stop and look at the world in front of them and to try not to take life for granted.”

Co-writer and producer, Hugh Webber, adds: “although this is our latest released co-write, the chorus is the very first lyric Becky ever shared with me back in 2018, so having that as the centre of this song brings it full circle. The track features some excellent slide guitar and acoustic picking from our beloved Dave Griffin. In addition, I was let loose to fully produce the song myself, allowing us to explore a slightly pop / acoustic country sound.”

The track begins with subtle acoustic guitar and a soft drum beat before Becky's vocals are introduced with a soft, thoughtful tone. The lyrical content brings a sense of positivity and encourages the listener to consider the things that make them happy in life, and not to spend time worrying about the past "'cause it won't change". The soft acoustics and light harmonies within the first verse and chorus allow the lyrics to come to the forefront of the track and highlight the importance of the content within it.

The middle 8 hits home the lyrical theme - life comes with a plethora of questions as to who, where, and why things might happen however, we should focus on living life to the fullest. From the perspective of the reviewer, it would have been great to hear this with bigger instrumentation and production to really lift the track going into the final chorus. Saying that, this is a brilliant track to bring into 2021 and a solid first release for this talented artist.

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Release: Saturday 20th March.

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