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Single Review – Bang Bang by Hannah Paris

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hannah Paris, a Country Singer from Essex who I have been following since 2017 bringing her latest single Bang Bang. Think Wandering Hearts vibe with Hannah's twist on the sound

I knew this was going to be an incredible song after just the first 10 seconds.

Bang Bang starts with just a simple guitar riff backed by just Hannah's voice before the incredible resonant kick drum lead kicks in building up the track with some incredible vocal runs from Hannah. The whole track still rising before the sudden epic drop in what would be an incredible live moment with lyrics about Hannah's house having items stolen by a guest that had stayed over and then leaving all of a sudden with no trace.

Backed by some excellent but simple percussion, giving this track an outstanding vibe with an electric guitar solo and pedal steal bringing this section to a close.

In the next break down, or not, as this incredible track is always rising even when backed by just a kick drum and guitar riff for short periods, with more short bursts of pedal steal too, and the whole track still quietly rising in the back ground with an excellent electric guitar riff in this section, with more lyrics about her friend who stole from the house, and being like a sister furthermore planning the day that she would start a fire in the house by stealing from the family home.

With the production increasing the whole time to a triple kick drum entrance, upon which the full band comes in with some more outstanding pedal steal and electric guitar all working perfectly together, and with lyrics "I know what I would do if I saw you Bang Bang" referencing the critical lyrics of this song that in fact, she was robbed by a friend she was helping out by letting her stay at the family home, who then emptied all the drawers and left without a word, building up even more the whole time with more outstanding pedal steal and an electric guitar riff to bring this exceptional track to an end with just Hannah’s excellent voice and simple guitar riff and vocal runs from Hannah.

Bang Bang has some outstanding production, especially from an independent artist, to bring this level of production on what would have most likely been a minimal budget.

The whole song brings some outstanding pedal steel and electric guitar riff back at times with just kick drum to bring the incredible vibe. Think Wandering Hearts but with Hannah's twist on the style of track to create phenomenal single!

I can’t wait to hear this track live with the full band.

Pre save & Pre order Bang Bang Now on all platforms with the track coming out on the 26th June!

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