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Single Review 'Every Story' - Tennessee Twin

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Tennessee Twin a vocal duo from Cambridge who I have only seen live a handful of times but their harmonies are instantly recognisable.

'Every Story' starts with rock entrance followed shortly by an excellent blues riff, backed by a hint of banjo, before Victoria's vocals kick in with simple precision with lyrics about being 'a small-town girl' before Geoff's vocals kick with the different perspective about being a 'weekend tourist, in Vegas, winning lots and ending up with a pot of gold, well that's what the visitors get told'.

The track continues with their instantly recognisable harmonies reaffirming more that there are two sides to 'Every Story' with the chorus 'A rainy day on a beach and gospel church with the sound of glory' before we enter the next phase of the track. There is a short but excellently crafted blues riff in this next section, and they reference more sides of 'Every Story' with that catchy chorus, 'Rainy day in California,' and more of their trademark harmonies concluding this part of the track.

There is an excellent rising harmony section before a full band part, with a superb electric guitar solo building up to the short breakdown segment, with just their vocals and a strum on the guitar, ending with the full band rising with some excellent backing harmonies to finish this classic Tennessee Twin track!

The whole song has some great lyrics, and the supremely well-crafted musical arrangement that fits the track perfectly, and not forgetting their perfect harmonies.

'Every Story' is available for pre-order for download.

Platforms include

iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon

Available now to pre-save on streaming services such as Spotify.

Full release out this Friday July 10th.

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