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Thank Goodness for the Internet!

Kinda hard to act like it's business as usual here in the world, but we want to keep your mind as far away from the virus that will not be named as possible.  (On a side note... I do think some of those retail stores should keep their new social distancing policies moving forward.) Since we all have some unexpected time off without sports, events, and concerts, we're upping our online show game to keep everyone entertained!  We do a monthly Sweatpants Sunday show in our living room... pups and all.  We use a platform called StageIt that's very user friendly!   Our first show is on Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day!  We also have 2 shows on Friday.  One is at an earlier time for our European friends and the other for everyone on the North American side of the pond.  Depending on how much cabin fever we have, we may add more!  Tickets are "pay what you can" and show links are below!  Hope we see you there!   Tuesday - 6:30pm CST - StageIt Online Show  Friday - 1:05pm CST - StageIt Online Show Friday - 7:35pm CST - StageIt Online Show April 12th - 12:05pm CST - StageIt Online Show

Enjoy your downtime and your vitamins! xo- SaraBeth

PS - I know we're all in various industries and all trying to make the best financial and health decisions for our families and friends, but we have had several messages asking for ways y'all can help.  I don't say this lightly.... it means the world of y'all to ask.  We are in an industry that was hit early and hard.  I do have a list of ways that you can help!  This list includes personal links, but for any independent artist that you support... they will all have something similar!   1. Download our music on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon

Cry, Cry Shh (Don't Say a Thing) Feet2. Grab some merchandise from our online stores. 3. Send a tip over via PayPal! -or via Venmo @SaraBethTX 4. Come to one of our online shows! - 5. Make a streaming playlist of your favorite artists tunes and put it on repeat

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