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Review: 'You Say' By Becky Lawrence

- Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King -

So it seems that the stars are shining bright once again for one of UK's finest and inspiring artists, Becky Lawrence.

London's very own Becky Lawrence is set to release her latest single 'You Say' on Monday 27th of July.

Now to begin this review I need to be completely honest, 'You Say' is the first song of Becky's that I have listened too, it's a strange one for me because I follow and support so many artist's but Becky's music for me just slipped under my radar.

However, as I listen to 'You Say', the tears have begun to stream down my face, because of the raw beauty of this song. I can really feel the lyrics in this song, and my heart can tell that Becky is a beautiful songwriter, I just want to apologise to Becky for not being a supporter and a listener of her music from the start. Well I can say with honour that I am a supporter of Becky's music now, it took 'You Say' for my heart to fall for Becky's music.

'You Say', I feel will relate to so many people, because there will be many people, who have that someone who say's that they can trust them, that they have their heart, they say that they need you and love you, but these are words and feelings that raise so many questions for someone.

I personally have been in a situation like this, where someone has said that they will be there for me and will never leave me, but in truth it never worked. This someone did the complete opposite and left me with no words, which was heartbreaking.

So the beginning lyric is what takes me into this song for me. "You say that you need me, you say that you want me, you say that you love me, but I don't even love myself." For me it's these words that can have your heart screaming for answers, because these are strong words, because when you're moving on from a painful moment in your life, the questions that fall out of your heart, are the questions of pain and anxiety, because you wonder whether your heart would survive another heartbreak. When you find that someone who say's they really need you, it's that moment when you have to step onto the rollercoaster and take that leap of faith, and move on. 'You Say' for me relates to how I feel about someone in my life. I went years feeling alone and afraid to allow my heart to fall again, but recently during lockdown, my heart found someone who, stands by me, you likes me for me, and I feel that I can trust that person with all of my heart, and that is such a beautiful moment.

The production of 'You Say' really is beautiful. I feel the music on this track really does compliment the beautiful lyrics of 'You Say'.

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