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Review: 'Wildman' - Scott Nicholls

--Reviewed For FBC By Alex Krupa Country--

With a countdown into the live performance, I’m pleasantly surprised with the tonality of the guitars and the simple guitar work. It’s one of those melody’s that’s gets you straight into the feel of the song before the lyrics present itself! With Scott holding down the rhythm guitar and front vocals, and a backup harmony singer playing the lead acoustic, this simple set up really keeps the performance and it’s focus on the song itself. Scott plays his part well, with the songs deliverance with a couple of gestures and his overall immersion in the song, to bring across the songs credibility in its truth. The song talks about life, and what to expect. I’m particularly fond of the phrase ‘Wildman,’ giving me a picture of a person just trying to survive in the modern world, that sometimes, can seem to be a different kind of survival with life’s complex social issues and advances. To hold down a job, find a partner, to feel like you have worth in society are all themes I feel come across in this song. But this song is about not following this path in life. It’s about being carefree, to not worry about money, to do your best and, to be more than you are expected to be. To go through life as a free spirit. Essentially it’s a feel good song with some advice on a better way to live. The music is pleasant to hear, it resonates well in the song and doesn’t fall flat. I love the vocal arrangement with some well placed vocalisations accompanied with a harmony that really make you relax when listening to its delivery. Which I find to be a really hard thing to get out of a song! I’d really like to see what gets done with this if it was to be cut, whether it would be kept simple or if they would amp up the production. But for a live video the sound production was good and kinda raw which helps with its setting. Really excited to see what else Scott comes out with in the future and to see how he can further develop as a songwriter and artist!

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