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Review 'Thrill' By Biddy Ronelle

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

--Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King --

A very bright country rock star is here to thrill us all over again with her brand new single Thrill which will be able to thrill our lives on July 31st.

Thrill has been locked away from the daylight since 2018, but now Biddy felt it was time to finish this song and send it out into the world.

I was asked to review this song because country/pop/rock has been in my heart now for sometime. I feel very honoured to be asked to write a review befitting this incredible and beautiful songwriter.

So who's ready to go on a thrill, because I know I am, as I listen to this beautiful song, I feel the urge to stand up and dance because the beat of this song is infectious. As Biddy's voice sounds out with these beautifully written lyrics, my heart grows ever stronger for this beautiful artist. From July 31st I will be adding a bit of Thrill to my playlist, and I believe so many people will join me on this Thrill of a journey.

When Lockdown ends and we can all go back to travelling the country to watch gigs, I just know many people will be bursting to get to a Biddy Ronelle gig as I feel that Thrill will be rocking the next venue to it's foundation and that's a party I want to be a part of.

Biddy Ronelle is one Britain's most beautiful songwriters, and Thrill is living proof of that. The more I listen to Thrill the more I can feel the beauty behind the writing of this song. Biddy thank you for deciding to revive Thrill and bring it out to the world, because it would have be such a shame to see this beautiful song shelved and not allowed to be thrilled by many.

The story behind Thrill is something I can get on board with in terms of it's naughty side of life, it's about hooking up a lot, and that's what life is about isn't it? It's about going out there and living life to it's fullest. However you choose to spend you life, make sure you always have one hell of a thrilling journey.

Thrill was produced by the incredible and always talented Stu Magru, and his work behind this song can't go unnoticed, it is such a beautiful production, with Stu and Biddy working together on Thrill it was always going to be an absolute work of art.


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