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Review: 'Is This Home' By Stuart Landon & The Angels With Dirty Faces

Updated: May 12, 2020

Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King

During these tough times that the world is facing Stuart Landon & The Angels With Dirty Faces have allowed a song to escape quarantine with Is This Home.

This 80s-90s blues country rock theme hit just takes you back to those times, where we were free to move and mingle with other people. Many people in the world would relate to this song because, all though home is where the heart is, 2020 has had home feeling more like we're surrounded by metal bars.

The uptempo beat of the Is This Home and the lyrics of this song, will have you stomping your feet ready to escape home and dance in the street. Minutes feel like hours, but with this song sounding out, time will at least be rocking.

Is This Home, the anthem we all want to escape to. I can just picture the bars, the dance floors and the streets full of people, drinking there beers, stomping their feet, grabbing their dance partners and listening to this song as we can finally say THIS IS HOME.......

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