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Review: 'There’s Nothing Left To Be Said' - Will Purdue

--Reviewed For FBC By Alex Krupa Country--

There’s Nothing Left To Be Said is the current single from BBC local radio supported Will Purdue.

The first thing I want to comment on in this track is the very clever, and well thought out fiddle/violin play in this track. With a really traditional tone, but eloquently played with some real thought behind it. It really conveyed a lot of the emotion in the song.

The next thing is Wills voice, it holds a real bass and a slight husk that really rumbles in your ears (listening through headphones).

The vocal arrangement is simple like traditional country songs. Where they feel more like phases than sentences, which really helps you focus on what’s been said.

The production itself I have no problem with. It’s been mixed very well to have prominence on the vocal and the fiddle/violin which are the two really emotive aspects in the song.

With only about 5 instruments being used it still filled out the track nicely with enough space for the message in the vocals to come across. And the vocal has been EQ’d to bring out Will's lower tones.

The song talks about there being nothing left to be said, assuming it being a breakup, and how there is not much else to do but to accept the situation. It’s played out in a sad way with a slice of melancholy which works with the vocal delivery.

It’s a great track to listen to if your feel like you need to get a ‘little sad out’ and really does pull you into the emotion of the song. Expect this to be one to be played for a few weeks after a breakup!

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