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Review: 'The Moment' by Jade Helliwell

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

One of Britain's beautiful country artist's Jade Helliwell is set to release her latest chapter on May 1st. The Moment a beautiful but sad song that pulls at heart and just make's you want to hug someone.  I think everyone in life can relate to this, that one moment of love that we all fear we miss, or we're guided different to The Moment presents itself. The lyrics are so beautifully written, by Jade & Kaity Rae, The Moment's lyrics are full of raw emotion, there are so many factors that play in a moment that us as people can miss them. That for me is how this song will connect with people .

I honestly believe the love and support for Jade and this song will be truly beautiful and this song may well create a beautiful moment for the person listening.

Available to pre-order on all platforms -

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