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Review: Self Titled EP from James Chapman & The Blue Moon

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

James Chapman & The Blue Moon - The Heritage of Hertfordshire.

James Chapman & The Blue Moon, bring us their self titled debut EP to be released on 15th May 2020 which features four fabulous songs, that you can hear sounding out over the fields of Hertfordshire.

So Glad

Kicking off this EP, we have the very beautiful and rightfully named So Glad, as in I am So Glad I am listening to this EP. I personally was uncertain to take this review on, because I rarely step out of my comfort zone, but thankfully I did, on this occasion because, honestly I could rock out the EP all night long. So Glad I feel that I can relate to this song because, the story for me is that we all have someone in our life, where they drive us a little crazy, but we are so thankful they are there, because our hearts fall for people who make us happy and make us dance.

There is a lyric in this song that stands out for me, "oh don't you know that it's true, I'm so glad I got you" for me I take this lyric because when we find that someone we just don't want to let them go, and you're just so honoured to have that someone with you.

I Don't Try

The second song on this EP is the beautiful and incredible song I Don't Try. This song will have people at a bar tapping their feet, and banging their glasses on the table, as the beat of this song, just kicks off the night. The story of this song, is about how different generations of life have come so far apart for example back in the the youth of today would be out, speaking their minds, going out in the world and trying to make a difference in the world. Where as you look at some of the people of today, they just don't try, they sit and stand smoking and drinking, not looking for opportunities but waiting for them to be handed to them.

I Don't Try is such a beautifully written song, but for me there is a lyric that is a highlight for me and that is, "I was looking for some action, that's why I picked on you" for me paints a picture of an older generation of people explaining about how things where back when they were young, and how chances and opportunities weren't just handed out, and that's why back in the 60's people lived better lives than those of today.

One More Year

One More Year third track of this ever fascinating EP, I think most people can relate to this song, because I think there is a part in everyone, where we believe the next year will be the year things change for the better. When I listen to One More Year, I can picture and iconic feature from British television, in the shape of Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, with his favourite quote "this time next year we'll be millionaires".

The lyric for me in this beautiful song that I personally love is "one more year until it's over, one more we'll be alright" this lyric is important to me because it tells the story in most of us how we will always believe the next will be better and the year we're live in now will be over soon.

A Hard Day's Night

The final track on this incredible and beautifully written EP is the very special single of A Hard Day's Night. The story behind the song, is one that many of us can be partial too, about working those long hard nights, and coming home the next morning, to the someone who works just as hard at home, to make us feel good when night shift ends and your sitting at home realising that the things that special someone does, while to make your home life so much better. The lyric in this song that my heart keeps finding it's way back to is "when I get home to you, and find the things that you do, that make me feel alright" I think this lyric stands out for me because it's a reminder never take your loved one for granted and always respect what they do, and remember when you think you work hard your partner also works extremely hard.

James Chapman & The Blue Moon for me belongs to be with some of the greatest ever to grace the music industry, I feel this EP deserves to be next to the likes of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. For me if James Chapman and The Blue Moon performed in a gig with Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash they rightfully be in the right place and deserve to be compared to these greats.

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