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Review: 'Secrets' by Rosey Cale

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

The pearl of Pembrokeshire, Rosey Cale, brings the music world her new single Secrets. Like uprising tide, Rosey's voice sets the tone of this song, such a beautiful voice, Secrets has the feel of heartbreak because of too many secrets have caused the heart to malfunction.

The lyrics of Secrets, so powerful and beautiful, I feel this song will connect with many listeners because, I think everyone has gone through life where Secrets have somehow poisoned the atmosphere. As I listen to Secrets, I get this vivid image of being on a train as it departs home, with tears streaming down your face, as a chapter closes.

There is a lyric in Secrets that pulls at my heart "I would start my whole life over if I could, If I could take all this pain from you I would" I connect with this lyric because it hits home about what I have been witnessing to a friend of mine. And I just wish I could start life over and take my friend's pain away.

Rosey's beautiful ability to turn words she wrote on paper in order to bring this song to life, is truly remarkable and incredibly beautiful. Secrets will definitely be a song that sounds out stadiums, as the lyrics echo around the spaces and the air within.


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