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Review: 'Safe' An Ep by Sarah Yeo

The Opening track 'I'm On My Way' is a lovely mid tempo song with a predominant pedal steel guitar. The story says she is making her way back to the man she loves. Some really lovely harmonising in this song.

'War Of Words' is about a falling out turning into a full blown argument and not being sure if there will ever be a way back. On the plus side, it does get your foot tapping along to it.

The title track 'Safe' is a ballad about coming to terms with a break up. It's about getting through the emotional roller coaster and coming through the other side of it and moving on.

'Roadie 2019' is about asking a friend to help her out at her gig but the underlying question is does he want to go out with her as she doesn't want to be alone anymore.

'Lines' is a beautiful love ballad. Looking back on a life together she is wanting to tell him how she feels. She wants to tell him what attracted her to him in the first place. I could feel myself getting a bit emotional to this song. It's how I feel about my husband so it really resonates with me.

I am not sure if this whole EP is a story that follows on. It does seem to flow that way. After she has has been on a journey, she needs to find her way back to him. Then the arguments start, and the relationship eventually breaks down. After a while, she decides its time to move on, and her friend that helps her at her gigs becomes her new love interest. This culminates in a permanent long term relationship that she is looking back on in the last song.

I like that Sarah Yeo has honed her sound. Pedal steel gives this whole EP a more traditional feel but it doesn't feel dated in any way. It would be a lovely addition to your music library.

Sarah Yeo - singer/songwriter 'Safe" EP is out now!!

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