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Review: 'Rise' by Molly & The Moon

Molly & The Moon are an alternative and uplifting musical group from local Gloucestershire releasing there latest single - Rise this Friday 8th of May 2020

I have only had the pleasure of seeing Molly live once at The British Country Music Festival she was incredible with her stunning vocals. I was looking forward to her 2 performances in London which where sadly cancelled due to COVID-19, but have been rescheduled to later in the year

As always, Mollys releases are always beautifully crafted for the time of year.

Rise starts with some beautifully blended mandolin and guitar playing, before bringing in Molly’s beautiful voice for a few bars, which is then followed by a simple bass backing before her soulful vocal comes in and out periodically, blended with some magical band harmonies, and incredibly well balanced percussion in the back ground which complements her voice to the max. After, there is a stunning breakdown of just the wonderfully blended mandolin and guitar riff which then builds up again with some of her magical soul rising vocals with full band joining in to build the song even more with stunning harmonies. The whole, full band sound is incredibly well balanced, building the track even more before it finally subsides towards the finish to just the mandolin and guitar.

The whole track has an incredible feel good, uplifting, summer sound. As the sun is setting on the horizon with more of Molly’s instantly reconcilable heroines. It's so well crafted which would brighten anyones day.

The Single 'Rise' by Molly & The Moon out Friday 8th May on all platforms

This Friday at 5pm Molly & The Moon will be releasing the accompanying music video

with fans having contributed footage of what is keeping them positive whilst in isolation.

Writing/Vocals/Guitar - Molly-Anne Chinner

Producer/Vocals/Double Bass - Andy Guy

Vocals/Banjo - Beth Hill

Drums - Jason Titley

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