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Review: 'Pick Me Up' - Katie Whittaker

--Reviewed For FBC By Alex Krupa Country--

This track starts with a really well EQ’d guitar and with an instant feel good chord progression and strumming pattern, that’s followed in well with the drums and lead guitar which lift the ‘feel good’ vibe of the track.

The song talks about getting a ‘pick up’ from someone of interest in a really endearing and sweet way. Really has a like an early 2000’s ‘girlpop’ arrangement that really gets me feeling nostalgic giving off a chilled-happy vibe (if that make sense).

The vocal has some some lovely harmony accompany in prominent places to keep the chorus lifted!

I would have loved the vocal to be more prominent in the mix as I feel at times it does get lost in the music.

I can imagine this would be a real fun song to play live and to get people swaying/dancing to the song.

It’s strength is all in the chorus not only is it singalong worthy but is a real ear worm! (Had it in my head for hours) and that’s a really strong place for a song to hold its own!

It’s a great song to have a dance to on your own or just to get yourself a little ‘pick me up’ if you feel things are getting you down.


From the age of ten Katie competed in local mods , a Scottish traditional music showcase, and perfomed in many school shows. At fifteen she planned, organised, promoted and performed in her very own showcase for DebRA, a charity for sufferers of EB. Katie currently performs frequently at many different events, from open mics and charity events to club openings and themed nights, mostly with the Red Pine Timber Company, an 8 piece Americana country band of which Katie has been an integral member for 3 years.

Follow Katie here:-

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