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Review: 'My Old Friend' by Terence Casey

--Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King--

On August first the beautiful and incredible country artist Terence Casey released his debut single 'My Old Friend'.

As I begin listening to this song, I can already sense the feeling of sadness in this song, and the lyrics are telling the story that, I feel many of us can relate to in some way. I believe when we lose a friend, whether it be human or animal, I think there is something inside of us, where we just are filled with regrets, about the fights and the petty arguments, and the distance of how far a friendship is been split. It' s not until we lose that person forever we realise how important that friendship was. So the friendships that you have, hold onto them because friends are so important.

I believe Terence is singing a song here that would just light up a venue, just because of the beauty of this song.

The production is so beautiful, it's like a calming and slow tune, that makes you feel like you're walking through the countryside, thinking of old friends, who are here in our world, and those who are no longer with us.

'My Old Friend' is a song for reflection. I for one can relate to this song, because I have lost many friends, and each time it hurts, most recently was my friend Andrew who was my brother's father-in-law, but we were good friends, we spoke about football and music. And like the lyrics say "We 'll meet again my old friend"

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