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Review: 'Lost In The Wind' by Hannah Paris

On first listen to 'Lost In The Wind' I have already realised that it is my favourite Hannah Paris song. I love how it builds in power, I love the rockiness of the guitar. I love how the musical arrangement showcases Hannah's vocal

The story tells of a love that seems one sided. A love that is no longer returned. A love that's lost its sparkle and she feels like she's lost her identity.

Whats incredible about this song is how it came about. Hannah roughly sang the melody and lyrics onto her phone while she had a bad bout of flu. She doesn't even remember doing it but the resulting song is stunning.

It is available on all digital download platforms on 18th October. You still have time to pre-order and I strongly recommend you add 'Lost In The Wind' to your music library.

Try it here...

Recorded in London by Mike Wyatt and at Black Barn Music in Essex

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