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Review: 'Lie To Me' by Louise Parker

- Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King -

One of Britain's most beautiful artist's Louise Parker brings us her latest single 'Lie To Me'. I was first introduced to Louise's music back in December with Story of Love, I have had the honour of meeting Louise on two occasions in January and again in February.

Louise first introduced 'Lie To Me' on one of her live streams, and from that moment my heart fell in love with this song. The story behind 'Lie To Me' actually broke my heart because, as Louise was trying to explain the story behind the song, I could see and hear the pain she was in.

Louise is a beautiful songwriter and 'Lie To Me' is the perfect example of how she puts all of heart and emotion into this song.

For me I can relate this song, although completely different scenarios, but having your heart broken no matter what is the most painful experience, because with heartbreak it leaves so much confusion and so many questions about yourself for example you begin to question your own character.

When Louise first mentioned that 'Lie To Me' was going to be her next single I just knew that I wanted to review it, because although the song means so much to me, I know this is a very special song for Louise, and I wanted to do a review that she can be proud of.

The lyrics of 'Lie To Me' honestly get to me, as I am listening to this song, I can feel the tears filling up my eyes, with 'Lie To Me' you can hear the pain as Louise's voice emotionally sings every word of this song. "lie to me, lie to me tell me you love, tell me you'll be true to me, lie to me tell me I'm beautiful, say you'll never leave me". These lyrics will reach so many people who have found themselves in the same situation as Louise, and just like Louise they will come out with a more stronger heart. The production behind 'Lie To Me' sounds just so incredible and for me 'Lie To Me' will be at the top of my playlist and I believe 'Lie To Me' will find it's way into so many hearts. The artwork behind 'Lie To Me' is so beautiful, and also so heart breaking, because the pain in Louise's eyes is clear to see for me anyway, and that's what makes me just want to hug Louise and tell her everything will be okay.

I want to finish just by thanking Louise for bringing this song into the world, because although it's a heartbreaking story, it's a beautiful song, and I find it truly inspiring the way Louise has shown bravery and courage to share her story, with 'Lie To Me.'

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