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Review: 'Let The Music Play' In Support of Help Musicians by Biddy Ronelle & David Luke

--Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King--

Out of all of the reviews I have written in the past, it's this review for 'Let The Music Play' by Biddy Ronelle & David Luke, that is my most important review. Music means so much to many people. Music plays such an important role in life, music is played all over over the world, and is applied to many situations, whether it be at a wedding, a gig, travelling to an interview, saying goodbye to an old friend. You will even find music played at the end of someone's life.

The lyrics in 'Let The Music Play' ring so true and are so beautifully written, Biddy and David, for me, have produced one of the most important pieces of music, that will ever grace the music industry. The production of 'Let The Music Play', has that dramatic feel that you would get from a gig.

For me the lyrics is what will hit people's heart because it's how everyone feels about music, and going to a gig. I personally cannot pick out a particular lyric as my favourite because I relate to them all.

'Let The Music Play' Music means so much to people, it influences decisions, feelings, emotions and most importantly it can bring people together. I asked a few people what music means to them here is what they said.

Becky Lawrence says "music to me means pure escapism, music can take you anywhere you want to go, make you feel anything you want to feel and will never let you down."

Charlotte Young says "music to me is magic therapy, that cannot be replicated, it heals the soul, and fixes your problems, when you are without a clue, it is a saviour."

Emma Moore says "music is the one constant for me, no matter where I am in the world or my mind there is an artist, album or even just a song that is exactly what I need to hear. It can calm, excite, entertain, educate, comfort... the list is endless. Music is magical.

Rachel Sellick from Scarlet River Management says: music is an universal language, that we can all be inspired by and connect with. There is almost a song for every season and every mood.

Singer/Songwriter Kelsey Bovey went through a difficult time, when she was at school, Kelsey was bullied for being a music kid, but instead of letting that defeat her, she used music to become, her weapon to fight and become a strong and inspiring character for so many people in the world.

In a conversation I had with Danny McMahon he said "the reason he does music was so his songs, can go out into the world, and for people to take his music and have that to be a catalyst for their own survival or inspiration to do something incredible."

Biddy Ronelle and David Luke's voices in this song, really demonstrate the beauty of the lyrics, I think the way they tell the story in the song, really hits home on how important music is to the world.

Music for me is a way of life, it's a life saver. In October 2018 I almost took the decision to take my own life, but it was music that pulled me away from the edge. Vic Allen's single Bittersweet was the song that changed everything for me. And here I am 3 years later writing music reviews for so many beautiful and inspiring artists.

'Let The Music Play' is such an important message, because without music, without so many artists releasing music that changes lives, the world would be a sadder place. Music helps fight mental health problems, helps fight cancer, and music can be a place where people can re-write their own stories based on the music they listen too.

There are people who choose to take part in the music industry; whether it be writing songs, producing, managing artists, arranging gigs, and telling stories to allow those stories to inspire and relate to the listener. So when you buy a ticket for a gig, buy someone's merchandise, buy or stream their music, taking the time to write a review, that is putting the puzzle pieces together. It's these things that keep the music industry breathing, it allows the heart of music to keep pumping, because I don't know about you but I don't think I could live in a world without music, without travelling the world for a gig. Music has a way of bringing people together. It doesn't matter where you're from, what you're doing in life, music has no judgement, music is for everyone. It's time for the whole music family to come together and fight for what we love, because when you're having a bad day, you turn to that music, because the artist you're listening to is your support network, that's what's keeping you fighting, so let's fight for the musician let's be there for them.



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