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Review: Katie O'Malley releases 'Devils' Got A Hold'

"I love horror/thriller films and wrote this song about the supernatural elements you normally find in horrors," explains Katie, "The mystery is the best part of any good horror, and the woman in the story represents a mysterious magical being and everything that intrigues you to want to know more."

Katie O'Malley and her hip-swaying Americana band hail from Manchester & describe their sound as a mix of country, folk, soul & blues. 2020 saw the release of their 3rd EP 'Wild West' and new single 'Taste the Dirt' which was backed by Chris Country, Louder than War, & the British CMA.

The new release 'Devil's Got a Hold' (Friday 24th September) speaks of a lone girl who lives in a haunted house - that one that everyone tries to desperately to avoid. There is a dark rasp in her voice that expresses a level of vulnerability and mystery in equal measure which is extremely well-accompanied by ghostly and rocky instrumentation effects. The only slight criticism as someone that loves a story, I'd love to be able to hear the lyrics a little more clearly! Perfectly placed for Halloween around the corner, get this added to your playlists & enter, if you dare!


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