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Review: 'Jo Lee' Debut Single by Hicktown Breakout

Hicktown Breakout

Hicktown Breakout are a 5-piece Southern Rock band from Bristol fuelled by a passion for Country, Rock & Blues. They have an upbeat, gritty southern rock sound that gets their audiences dancing.

They have recently begun work at Puzzle Maker Studios with Danny McMahon and Andrea Succi to record their debut EP. The single 'Jo Lee' is due for release this Friday 27th September. 

'Jo-Lee' is a love song. The story tells of a boy meeting the girl he was always destined to meet, and how she changed him for the better and helped define his life by making him a better person. 

It's a mid tempo country rock song and Darren has a slight huskiness to his vocal tone which I really love. He is definitely singing the type of song that suits his voice.

The band are:-

Darren - Lead vocals and Guitar Steve Tipling - Rhythm and Lead Guitar Zach - Guitar and Vocals Tom - Drums Steve Gibbons - Bass & Vocals

'Jo Lee' is also available to pre-order on ITunes and pre-save on Spotify. I highly recommend you add it to your music library.

You can find more details on the band at...

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