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Review: "It's All Right Here" by The Heartland Roots Band

--Reviewed for FBC By Linda Conway--

The country music scene in the UK is something I find very exciting with the steady growth and increase in artists emerging on to the scene and the quality of the songs they are producing. The Heartland Roots Band are one of these acts whose growth and popularity has increased steadily over time with skill, talent, determination and their music. The Heartland Roots Band describe their sound as "Heartland Rock" which consists of country, folk, americana, blues, soul and rhythm and blues. The band formed in Leicester and are Sam Hobson on lead vocals and guitar, Steve Ward drums, Richard Daniels bass, Anna Causier mulitple instruments, Adie Causier, multiple instruments and Callam Bishop lead guitar. Previous releases for the band include EP "Back For More" before a 2018 European tour. Their most previous release was top 5 song "country miles" which went top 5 in the country charts.

The new release out this music Monday 31st August is a song about feeling positive and Is an upbeat song about moving on from all negative past experiences and living in the here and now.

The way the band describes their sound couldn't be more fitting for this song "It's All Right Here" The song kicks in with drums, guitar and steel guitar and a lead male vocal.

"My eyes are open I can see my way to walking through the light.

Female vocals join him half way through this verse to bleed into the chorus 

"Nothing can stop me now"

The production behind this song is huge which crescendos in the chorus with strong instrumentation and drums. This production continues in the second verse pre chorus keeping those perfect harmonies and is a stunning track. It is one of those songs that will help make you feel lighter particularly in the situation we find ourselves in at the moment. There is a short but very memorable and skilled guitar solo in the bridge of the song before the song goes into the last chorus. This song will further add to the repertoire for Heartland Roots Band and is a song you need to have on your radar as a country music lover. 

"Don't look back, its a fact All I need is everything I have right here" 

This song will be one who will propel Heartland Roots Band further into the heart of the country scene here in the UK and one who I would love to see live as the energy, songs, skills and talents all these members have will only contribute to an electric and stunning love performance and a great night. 

Congratulations to all who wrote, produced, sang and played on this track. It is exceptionally good and will make me delve deeper into the back catalogue of Heartland Roots Band and get to know them better. I advise you to do the same. 

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