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Review - "If You Want Me To" by Joey Clarkson & Louise Parker

Updated: May 27, 2020

Joey Clarkson & Louise Parker two excellent artists who I have been following for well over a year after them both playing at different Belles and Gals showcases, both with their excellent vocal ranges and excellent styles.

With these two dueting together you know this is gonna be incredible.

"If You Want Me To" starts with a catchy pop riff with a click tack vibe before Louise's vocals kick in "I Could Be I Could Be" just from those first few moments your know it's going to be a special track with her tone and vocals something completely different to her typical style.

Then its over to Joey Clarkson's first part with her incredibly soft vocals backed by just a guitar riff with lyrics "I want to know you inside out, and we can catch the last train if we leave" switching back and forth between Joey and Louise's vocal with the whole track quietly building in the background with sudden short but magical harmonies. Bear it in mind that this whole track was recorded at separate places due to isolation rules! Finishing this section with an excellent vocal run from Louise before that catchy backbeat kicks in with Joey and Louise harmonising together, Louise taking the high vocal runs and Joey complementing this incredibly well with her vocal tones in this part. In the following breakdown we are treated to just piano and a straightforward but effective guitar riff before the next section. Louise starts with vocals and Joey takes over the lead for a while with Louise backing her with low harmonies complemented by just the bass and guitar and some more magical rising harmonies. The whole time the track quietly builds in the background before the backbeat kicks accompanied by lovely floating piano sound and an acoustic guitar riff, with this section having very subtle low harmonies running through the background with more strong lyrics and magic harmonies throughout about going through some's record collection while staying over and the morning moments with Louise top vocal notes kicking out to bring this incredible track to an end.

The whole track is a stunning duet by Joey and Louise beautifully produced while in isolation with lyrics about staying over and going through someone's record collection think princess diaries meets country meets?

With some outstanding magical harmonies is like they're both in the room!

Hopefully it wont be too long before get to see them duet it real life!

The next question when's the EP coming out we want more!

Joey and Louise's vocal tones work magically together.

If You Want Me To" by Joey Clarkson & Louise Parker

Out Friday 29th May

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