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Review: 'I Can' by Vic Allen

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

Norfolk' s bright and beautiful star Vic Allen bring us her new single 'I Can'. In November 2018 I had the honour of meeting Vic for the very first time, since then her music has been so important to me and she has been in my heart ever since.

'I Can' was released on the 12th of June 2020, it was a song that had been on the release card for sometime. 'I Can' was produced once again by the incredible Sue McMillan. 'I Can' was written about a relationship that had ended. For me personally I have had the honour and privilege of listening to 'I Can' live on so many occasions, and when I first heard this song, I just knew this was going to an incredible, song that was going to be added to so many playlists throughout the world. The production of 'I Can' sounds so beautiful and for me it's one of the songs that you can just place ringing out at live stadiums and many beautiful venues.

I can relate to 'I Can' in a different way, although my circumstances were different, it was the same conclusion of an ending. I feel many people today will be tuning into this song, and having their hearts open up and feeling the connection of this song, many people have had relationships come to an end. It's about finding your inner strength and succeeding without that person.

Vic wrote this beautiful number after an emotional phone call, where Vic took the decision to end her relationship. For me, Vic is the perfect example of a beautiful and strong heart, who inspires so many people with her music, and 'I Can' will be no different in that it will inspire many people going through the same situation in that although a relationship has ended, sometimes it's for the better.

There is a lyric that I feel sparks my heart the most; "wish I was crying that I just can't live without you, but the truth is I Can". this lyric emanates with me the most because what I take from this lyric is that you can live without someone who wasn't right for you, and you can become stronger without them.

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