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Review: 'How Good You Are' by Reya Jayne

Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King

The shining star of Sheffield now the sunlight of London, Reya Jayne the upcoming beautiful UK artist, is set to release her second single 'How Good You Are'.

I for one am really looking forward to this song, as my heart felt for this voice of beauty with her debut single 'Homeless'.

From listening to 'How Good You Are', I can feel the beauty of the lyrics, racing through my heart. Reya's ability to draw the listener in with her beautiful songwriting is just beyond inspiring. 'How Good You Are' feels to me about having that one good heart in the world, turn up in yours, and you can't quite believe how good they are. It's having the risk of fate bringing two hearts together that fit like a perfect puzzle. "Some act of god, brung you my way." I think for me this is a lyric that I can relate too because recently I had a good heart fall into my life and that's where I think this song will connect with some many people.

Reya Jayne 'How Good You Are', will definitely be topping many people's playlists come May 29th when it is released on all digital download sites.

Artist Bio

"An English Rose With A Nashville Sound"

Reya Jayne released her debut offering with AWAL on February 21st 2020 to rave reviews from country music radio, blogs and fans alike:

‘I can’t see anything but good things happening for Reya!’ – Simon Birds, RedRoad FM

simply wonderful’ – Nick Cantwell, Belles and Gals

‘a beautiful song’ – Matt Spracklen, Country Hits UK

‘the best I have heard from a British artist in a long time’

– Graham Barnes, Country Belles Radio

Now, she is back! ‘How Good You Are’ shows a more upbeat side to Reya’s immersive storytelling songwriting style, telling of a “too good to be true” romance – a modern day fairy tale.

With expanding influences including Shania Twain and the revival of the Dixie Chicks, combined with her longstanding love for country pop artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift, Reya Jayne is putting her own stamp on the British Country scene.

As Reya continued to perform at venues across London, the current environment has led her into the new era of online live streaming. In these strange times, she has continued to grow as an emerging star on the UK Country scene, constantly reaching new fans. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to get on board with this next single in a long line of future country pop hits!

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