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Review: 'Heartbreak Cult' by Joe Martin

- Reviewed For FBC By Alex Krupa Country -

When I first got this sent across I was pleasantly surprised to see it was from Joe Martin

and was instantly very intrigued to hear what his sound would be like.

The music:

Great instrument choice but more importantly, a great tone choice for each instrument chosen.

Very well structured and a nice addition of vocalisations in the post choruses.

It really keeps that soft ambiance in the track, allowing for an easy listening experience. With a few artistic flairs with the guitar to keep it dynamic, but not attention grabbing.

Really makes the music sound like a piece as a whole instead of instruments fighting for power play, which really does itself a favour.

It’s been mixed very well and with reminds me of a softer Dan and Shay production.

The story:

I feel like the song explores a partner who has been hurt herself in the past but instead of taking the situation for what it is, decides to wallow in self pity and join a “heartbreak cult” rather than have a conversation as a “rational adult”.

But this makes me think. Love shouldn’t be rational, so, is the deeper meaning that he wasn’t in love with her in the first place. Is that why he can be rational and she can’t?!

Or was it something casual and she’s blown the breakup out of proportion. I can’t say for sure, but I can’t believe that the phase ‘heartbreak cult’ is a one dimensional name for someone who gets overly upset... Or I maybe I’m just looking to deeply into it.

The vocal:

Without knowing the process it wouldn’t surprise me if they worked the music around his voice. It’s been EQ’ed well and cuts through the track with clarity, which I feel is one of the most important things in a country song.

But also sits nicely on top of the track.

Nothing too fancy in the way of vocal dynamics as it’s a simple verse chorus and a lift up for the middle 8.

But I feel that does correlate with the story with the song is being told from his point of view. His voice gives off an almost exasperation in dealing with the situation.

Overall all I was satisfied with the track. It does everything it was supposed to do. The lyrics and words/phases chosen are a real selling point, they are not obvious but are not to abstract either. They sit as nice middle ground that makes you think about what’s being said.

I do appreciate the story, as it does take me to thoughts I wouldn’t necessarily look to explore unless I was put in that situation myself.

I feel this would be more suited as an album track instead of a single. But it is still a good track to introduce a new audience to Joe’s sound.

Here’s the Spotify pre-save link.  

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