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Review: 'Goodbye To Nashville' by Swamp Doctor

--Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King--

London based Swamp Doctor is preparing to release his self-titled album, and one of the songs from that album is called 'Goodbye To Nashville'.

Such a beautiful and old style country feel to this song, the lyrics so beautifully written. Nashville is a place where people got to pursue their dreams of becoming a country artist, as Nashville is the home of country music, it's a place full of inspiration and hope.

Nashville with it's country music bars, serving beer and american style food, whilst country music is being played every night, it's every country artist and fans dream to see this beautiful city.

I believe a calm and beautiful production of 'Goodbye To Nashville', I honestly feel that it's one of those songs where many people, will hold hands with their partners and slow dance the night away.

The lyric that reaches me the most, is "can I sing you a song sir, and then I'll be on my way." I think this just sums up everything about Nashville and country music, you go there to sing songs, to hope to impress the city of music. Nashville is a place where you travel with false hope, but then actually, opportunities and experiences, turns that false hope into a beautiful journey that, will be with you for the rest of your life.

I believe that there will be so many country artists that have not visited Nashville would listen to this song, and be so inspired to go a visit and seek out their dreams of playing in Nashville. If I could compare this song, and The Swamp Doctor, to any other artist and song it would have to be The Pogues song Fairytale Of New York featuring Kirsty MacColl, just because of the feel and the sound of the song.

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