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Review: 'Frontline Fighters' - Hannah Paris

Hannah Paris, a Country Singer from Essex who I have been following since 2017 with her beautiful voice that fits perfectly with her, slowed down acoustic tracks right the way to her full band rocky numbers. I have watched her grow over the years, honing her craft in songwriting to bring out this magical track that hit me emotionally straightaway.

Frontline Fighters, a beautifully crafted track opening with a simple acoustic guitar riff backed at the key moments with just emotive chords perfectly blending in with Hannah’s soft, soulful voice with outstandingly written lyrics paying homage to the frontline fighters. With lyrics like hoping, we can skip fast forward to June and no more house party’s on zoom in just a few verses, which reference both the Frontline Fighters and also the people at home within the first chorus. Paying yet more homage to the fighters that we clap for every Thursday at 8pm with every phrase and lyric beautifully matched by emotive piano chords. The next verse joined by second acoustic guitar to add to the emotion that this track brings with more incredible lyrics about missing family, losing track of time, looking at rainbows, then more of the vital message this track brings all about the astonishing frontline fighters and we will get over this, with more stunning lyrics about stars and hope in the dark as the message continues about this track with the pivotal moment’s having just Hannah’s beautiful soft vocals and a solo simple guitar riff to give it that extra emotion joined by the second guitar and perfect piano chords before finishing off as the track started with just a simple guitar riff and Hannah’s wonderful voice. The whole track with its striking lyrics, beautiful guitar playing, plus stunningly emotive piano chords, there is no doubt this will be a huge track given the situation we are in and capturing the moment perfectly and the feeling of the whole nation.

Frontline Fighters is out on all platforms on the15th

May 2020 but you can Pre-order now on iTunes

Track recorded in separate locations

with Hannah on Vocals.

2 acoustic guitars

keys played by Rick Paris

Mixed and Mastered at Black Barn Music

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