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Review: 'Even If' by Holloway Road

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

The dynamic and incredible duo Jack & Rob aka the beautiful Holloway Road.  Jack & Rob are two very beautiful songwriters, and they've reached out with their latest single 'Even If'. I can personally say that I love this. I believe that the lyrics are truly magical and beautiful. On March 13th 'Even If' launched. Now for some people the number 13 is unlucky, but for the world of music the number 13 meant our luck was in, as 'Even If' sounded out into our ears. 'Even If' has very clear message, "even if the sky can fall, even if you're on your own, even if you have lost your way" these are just some of beautiful words behind song. But it's a story about if you're on your own, there will always be someone out there, to pick you up when you have fallen.

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