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Review: 'Doing It For You' A New Single by Sarah Rose & Eric Walker

- Reviewed For FBC By Nathan King -

On Friday the 31st of July, Sarah Rose and Eric Walker, will be releasing their brand new single, 'Doing It For You'.

Now let me be honest here, this track was not on my review planner, but today I was approached by Eric Walker to see whether I would be interested in reviewing 'Doing It For You', and for me that was just an honour to be approached and asked to write a review for two beautiful artists, so my heart immediately said yes. So Here Goes....

Hampshire is the home of two beautiful artists Sarah Rose & Eric Walker, they come together to produce a beautiful song called 'Doing It For You', and as I listen to the lyrics of this track, I can already tell that two beautiful songwriters, will be lighting up the world of music next Friday.

As I listen to this beautiful story, I can already feel the emotion and beauty behind 'Doing It For You'. It's a song that I believe will have many people relating to this track, we all have someone that we will do anything for, but sometimes the world has a different chapter, and the connection you once had, can be lost. I for one can relate to this song, because I had someone in my life that I would do anything for, but in time, I moved in a different direction and I lost contact with that person, and the more you think about that person, the more you realise the things you did, were all for that person.

The words that strike my heart most are; "bright lights, vibrant spaces, we lost connection, separation..." For me these words are strong, they connect for me, everyday life, that when we do lose connection with the people we loved, the people we stood by, but that doesn't mean it's the end of the journey, it's just means there's a beautiful chapter ready to begin.

The Production of 'Doing It For You', sounds so beautiful, I feel this song, will reach into many hearts across the world, I believe that 'Doing It For You' will be that one song that re-lights the spark in people's hearts and will encourage people to reach out more to those where the connection has been lost.

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