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Review: Dead Ends & Detours EP by Kezia Gill

Title track 'Dead Ends & Detours' is about finding your way in life. Sometimes the path leads you to good things that will enhance your life but sometimes you will take a path that will lead to nowhere or a path that did not have the right outcome for you but you learn by your mistakes and you follow another path. It's an uptempo song with attitude.

'Local Man's Star' is up for 2 BCMA awards, best song and best video which is fantastic because it is the song closest to Kezia's heart. It tells the story of her dads singing career and how he is the biggest influence in her life. She wouldn't be a singer if it wasn't for him. I think the British country scene would be a poorer place if it didn't have Kezia's voice in it so Eddie McGill, Thank you.

'What Kind Of Woman' was written by Robin Brown but is the perfect song for Kezia to sing. It about how you feel after a break up.

In her own words 'Thirties' is a moaning song. It's about the things you did as a teenager or even in your twenties not being able to be done in the same way once you reach thirty. It's a really sassy song and would be relatable to every person on the planet.

'Girl Of Your Dreams' is a song Kezia wrote for her husband and the first time I heard it, it made me cry because that is exactly how I feel about my husband. He makes me feel loved and desired even when I am at rock bottom in the confidence stakes so this beautiful song resonates with me. Kezia accompanies herself on piano for this song. Its music arrangement leading the listeners ear to those all important lyrics which showcase Kezias voice to perfection.

'Whiskey Drinkin' Woman Pt.1' is a totally acapella drinks order. Sounds like it should be sung in America's deep south. Don't ask me why but it just jogged a memory of something I saw in a film once. Looking forward to whiskey drinking woman's next round.

'Dead Ends & Detours' is also up for a BCMA best Album award which tells you just how fantastic it is. Your music library would be incomplete without it.

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