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Review - Country Words - Shannon Hynes

Shannon Hynes Artist that I have been following for well over 3 years with powerful voice and range, most recently she has been building up her band for live shows witch so far have been outstanding with her excellent guitarist, she is also a host at the regular UK Country Spotlight awards show cases and was also nominated for an award this year for her single 'Off Guard'.

Country Words rarely you have to choose between an uncensored and censored version of a track with slight variation’s but as you can guess the differences are minimal.

Having heard Country Words dozens of times acoustically at frequent songwriter nights in London this full on produced version brings the track to an incredible whole new level.

the track starts off with just a gritty bass riff backed perfectly, by a kick drum and snare building up with her excellent lyrics like she needs a drink of something strong, and maybe she’s going through the change, before dropping in with full band, backed by excellent electric guitar riff before the breakdown, just having her outstanding vocals with lyrics about her husband not fulfilling her, and case of sour grapes, backed by that super catchy gritty bass riff with accessional fiddle for extra effect, before showcasing her vocal talents with looped vocal intro to the main part of this outstanding track, laced more excellent full band sound, featuring electric guitar and more of the fiddle then featuring more of the strong words about not taking on a country song writer name checking Dolly and Loretta Lynn which have influenced her country style building up to an incredible guitar solo to end the track.  

The whole track has some outstanding production and incredible lyrics about taking on country songwriter which judging by them, you wouldn't want to mess with Shannon. This will surely be another massive hit which she is no stranger too.

Pre-order and pre-save Country words now on all platforms now with the track out Friday 22nd of May

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