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Review 'Cliche' An EP By Kerrie Fuller

Kerrie uses her vocals beautifully to reflect the anguish she is trying to portray in He’s not Mine. The song explains about another woman in the man’s life who sadly isn’t Kerrie and takes us on an emotional rollercoaster with the lyrics which really helps the listener appreciate the anguish.

Cliché is a series of well-known clichés very cleverly blended to make a great track. It’s the way Kerrie linked them together in such an imaginative way to be about someone she loves that is refreshingly unique. Cliché is suitably upbeat to reflect the emotion behind the track.

An acoustic guitar intro with backing singers compliment Kerrie’s vocals in Little Bit Lonely. She has an appropriate reply towards the end of the track, a sense of self-worth with the line ‘given up on perfect’. . This is a reassuring addition to the track which tells the story of a woman in a negative emotional period in her life when a relationship comes to a sudden end.

This song tells of the time when she is mulling over the problems she experienced from a recent break-up. Questioning several issues and whether she did anything wrong. These are emotions that many break-ups experience. There is an electric guitar solo at several intervals which allows the listener to digest the thought processes within the song. Kerrie explains throughout the song that she can’t change to be like the other woman in this man’s life which again is a thought process that many other women will bring up to the surface. Repeating the line ‘Can’t be the other woman’ with a sense of real anguish and desperation in her voice; this helps to reiterate the emotions in the song.

This is a beautiful acoustic track, Why don’t you love me? goes with the theme of this EP of broken relationships. Relays the story of a broken relationship, it tells about becoming so deeply involved emotionally. She uses a great metaphor to describe perfectly the how it leaves the woman feeling.

With the exception of Cliché, the songs explain about relationships which haven’t worked out. Each song explains the emotions about a different aspect of a relationship break up. Kerrie has a voice which conveys the emotions so well in the songs.

Released 6th September on all digital platforms

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