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Review: Charlotte Elizabeth - Survive EP

Charlotte Elizabeth is known by many as the co-founder of ARC Radio however, this lady is always a very talented management, events planner and songwriter. Charlotte called upon different UK Country artists to co-write with her and bring her stories to life. With a wealth of knowledge and experience on the country music scene, she was quickly able to create her project.

Each song on the EP 'Survive' is written by Charlotte and tells a very personal story. Her life is told in song from the title track Survive sung by Emma Moore which tells of Charlottes battle with Cancer when she was 16, to the heartbreaking song Love On The Edge, brought to life vocally by Ash Cooper who tells the story of domestic abuse. Other artists appearing on the EP include Stuart Landon, Stanford Road, Thorne Hill and Simon Clulo who has himself recently hit the country charts with his new single, Devil On My Shoulder.

Charlotte says “I decided to re-release Survive as since it was released 4 years ago, I have made so many new friends within the country scene who I know have been through personal battles. My stories are ones of pain and struggle, yet told in what I hope is a positive way. I want people to listen to these songs and find something in them that can help them. Within every song, whether it be Love On The Edge, Survive or Shatter Like Glass, there is hope within them; an inspirational message that you can get through anything in life, you just have to keep going”.

The opening track, 'Love on the Edge' , recorded by Ash Cooper tells the heartbreaking story of domestic abuse, and one of constant forgiveness, an inner battle between knowing of the need to leave but not wanting to believe that now, those 'arms that felt safe are what hurts her the most'. A very difficult listen but one that is significantly important in sharing the story that way too many will relate to. A hard-hitting track lyrically and emotionally! 'Man on the Moon' features Stanford Road and is full of traditional country instrumentation and authentic lyrical content and wonderful harmonies.

This track is followed by 'Survive', featuring the talented Emma Moore. A perfect blend of vulnerability and powerful vocals shine through a very melodic instrumentation. A track that displays hope amongst a world of pain. 'Shatter Like Glass' is an absolutely incredibly track performed by Stuart Landon. The acoustic version particularly strikes a cord with the writer but the full band version is just as good and a great final track on the EP. Stuarts vocal performance is emotional and sensitive, accompanied by acoustic guitar, emotive piano and string instrumentation.

Bringing the tempo of the EP back up, 'The Life I Once Knew' is an upbeat and punchy number featuring Thorne Hill. Whilst the lyrical element reminisces on past experiences and building a life of dreams and lifelong plans, it is a 'lifetime ago'. The production of the track provides a positive outlook on what could be portrayed as a negative experience, which is really enjoyab

'Vintage Photo Frame', featuring Simon Clewlow is very Zac Brown Band-esque, combining traditional country instrumentation, soft rock and Americana elements, and well-placed harmonies. Overall, and incredibly successful release for Charlotte Elizabeth and one that has so much to give!


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