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Review: 'California Calling' EP by Molly & The Moon

Review Author - Danny Coffill-brown

Molly & The Moon are an alternative and uplifting musical group from local Gloucestershire releasing Molly-Anne’s last solo works before becoming Molly & The Moon showcasing varied writing styles from her vast experience over the last 4 years.

A San Francisco Story starts with a catchy acoustic riff which is joined by Molly's beautiful voice, which is accompanied by just the bass for the extra warm feeling of summer, which is then accompanied by just drums and snare and an organ building up with some incredible backing harmonies, making the track feel even warmer with the excellent guitar solo dropping in, after which, everything apart from Molly's beautiful vocal and the acoustic guitar drops out for the magical breakdown moment with full band joining her for the ending of the track.

Bristol Boy is a song about summer, reminiscing of past summers and missing it. With a steady hooked backbeat and excellent electric guitar riff throughout, building up with the riff change and some lovely harmonised parts.

California Calling. Starts with excellent acapella harmonies building up with a steady drum beat and perfect backing bass, fitting in very well with the whole feel of the track. I particularly like it when the instrumentation drops out to just a few drums and hi-hat hits whilst showing off Molly's incredible voice before the band comes back for some excellent rounds of harmonies and a very nice blues riff before the next breakdown and another round with the band completely dropping out except for magical harmonies with Molly. Surely this would be a massive singalong moment whether it be in an acoustic setting or when joined by the full band for extra emphasis.

Horizon. A beautifully slowed down acoustic track opening with minimal drums and guitar, then introducing Molly's magical voice and simple bass melody beautifully adding to the track but not overtaking it, quietly building up to bring in some lovely emotive piano chords and more of those magical acapella harmonies, this time with just an organ type sound in the background building up to more harmonies with excellent drums, pianos and bass all coming in just after to give that extra boost.

The lakes. Starts with just Molly and a catchy acoustic guitar riff, upon which, the full band drops in out of nowhere with the piano, bass and drums and more of those magical harmonies.

The song then drops out to more of just Molly's excellent voice, this time just accompanied by the bass riff and simple percussion for the breakdown, adding drums at the end with more emotive piano chords and building to a short but excellent full band moment before another breakdown with the instrumentation dropping out completely, before building up again to what I would call a summer festival moment, starting with simple guitar riff backed by bass and percussion, coming in with drums, and also accompanied by an extra bass riff shortly after, introducing the backing vocals and all building up to the pre-festival moment with Molly's quiet vocal blending with subtle piano then increasing the volume, building up to the full band festival moment that everyone would be singing along to.

The whole California Calling EP is excellent and would be perfect for every summer or any time just to give you that warm feeling. The tracks I have no doubt would sound excellent just completely acoustic or with the band on the big festival stages it deserves! It would brighten everyone's mood with the singalong festival moments and the emotive piano chord sections and uplifting moments.

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