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Review: 'Bury My Blues' by Concrete Prairie - Author David Brown.

There are Country and Western Folk and there are folk from the West Country. For me this song seemed to have a cowboy boot in both camps. On my very first listen to Bury My Blues, the debut offering from Concrete Prairie, I detected a wee bit of West Country in the opening vocal. Not in a “Oooo Aaar… I am a cider drinker” sort of way. In the way that when you hear The Proclaimers there’s no denying what part of the country they’re frrrrrrom. After further investigation (a quick trip to their FB page) I discovered that Concrete Prairie are in fact a three piece combo from Bath. So, if these boys aren’t from the area then I suggest at least the lead singer has picked up a bit of the local twang.

With the help of some neat banjo playing the song skips along nicely. There is some lovely pedal steel guitar giving a real country and western flavour which, for me, takes it right across the pond. Although there is a clip on their FB page of the band performing a version of the song in which the pedal steel is replaced by some fine fiddle playing. This gives the song more of a bluegrass edge. Either way this is singalong-a-song. So much so that if Concrete Prairie were playing in my local I am sure the scrumpy would be flowing and we’d all be burying our blues together. Despite the subject matter being a bit on the bleaker side of the street, Joe, Dan and Adam have made an upbeat little ditty here and should rightly be proud of their efforts. They even manage to shoehorn the band’s name into the lyrics, which in my book is kinda cool.

All in all a fine tune to open their account with.

Bury My Blues will be released Friday 21st Feb on the usual digital platforms...Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer

Learn a little more about the band by visiting

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