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Review: Bob Fitzgerald - 'B1G'

"Every day I try and live by that simple, positive mantra. That’s where the message at the very heart of B1G truly comes from"

Bob Fitzgerald is a Welsh-based artist who stormed onto the country music scene in 2020 with the release of his #1 debut EP 'Another Highway'. featuring the #2 debut single 'Running From the Rain'. Since the release, the songwriter has been recognised with a number of UK award nominations, and has collaborated with artists such as Charlotte Young, and Tim Prottey-Jones.

Bob is known for his big country rock anthems, taking large influence from artists such as Brad Paisley, thus it is no surprise that the brand new single 'B1G' begins with roaring, heavy guitars and a rocky drum beat. Co-produced with Tim Prottey-Jones, the track displays a big modern production and instrumentation perfect for the summer & post-lockdown celebrating!

Lyrically, the track addresses the fact that in life, we all experience ups and downs. We get thrown curveballs and get hit with challenges we might not have been expecting BUT, we can choose to remember that we only get one shot and we have the ability to make it the best we can! A really positive mantra that Bob engages with his listeners! As someone that likes to get a clear understanding of lyrics, I would have loved the vocal to be a little louder to fully grasp it but, if you're one for noise and having a party, you'll definitely enjoy this one!

Release: Friday 23rd July 2021


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