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Review: 'Blown Away' EP by Charlotte Young

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

Smethwick, just on the outskirts of Birmingham, probably didn't know that there was this bright star shining in the town. Her name is Charlotte Young.

On May 8th this beautiful British Country Aritst is set to release her debut EP called Blown Away.

A song that features on this EP, is called Whiplash, which for me is such a beautifully written song, now whiplash is normally painful, but this type of whiplash will cause you to dance and sing out loud.

Charlotte's incredible voice, will definitely blow away a few hearts out of the water, as the sound of her voice ripples on through. Blown Away WOW... this is just so amazing, the lyrics, the sound of the song, is set to blow the country music world apart with beautiful colours.

Like a fine Scottish malt, Half A Bottle, will smoothly run through the persons heart, and have you feeling this song deeply, that feeling of being ripped apart, such a beautiful story behind the song, and for me it's has me in tears as I write about this song, it just makes me want to hold Charlotte's hand and tell her it will be okay.

Passenger Side, has the feeling of being together with the one person that makes, long journey's beautiful, that one person who holds your hand through everything and doesn't let go. The magic of this song will have the night sky shining bright, the love in this song will have partners dancing closely on the dance floor never losing their grip of each other.

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