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Review: 'Because of Her' by Demi Marriner

--Reviewed For FBC By Linda Conway--

Demi Marriner is a UK country singer that I have been getting to know recently who released her latest track 'Because of Her' at the end of July. Demi is an artist that expresses emotions in such a descriptive way and as such draws the listener in. Previous releases include Cold Coffee, Mother and Gone and she is establishing herself as one to watch in the industry in terms of talent, songwriting and vocal ability.

Times have changed at the moment for musical releases and live gigs due to recent events and as such Demi had chosen to release her upcoming EP "Tales"when things return to some kind of normality where she can tour and promote the music safely. However there has been a demand for her to release her music and she is doing so digitally and this starts with this song that is as gorgeous as it is important to hear and listen too.  

This song describes the personification of depression. There still seems to be some sort of taboo, or people are failing if they live with mental distress of any kind. Physical health is something that is so accepted and people help and understand more than with mental health at times. This is slowly changing and let's hope it keeps going this way. This song 'Because Of Her' personifies depression and it's effects on mind, body and soul. The song begins with just a guitar and a soft, pure and raw vocal and tells the story of the feeling this can bring. Depression can be the common cold of mental health and this song describes that so well.

 "Because of her I walk the wrong way I take the long way wherever I go to avoid the people feeling so unequal in the simple act of saying hello"

This is the effects of illness and what this can do and it's effects described in this song are raw, moving, powerful and hauntingly real. 

"She's possessive, aggressive, invested in all that I wanna do. 

She's a crier a liar a trier in all that I hide from you

She's the only one who sticks around when you say we're through

Because of her"

The song continues with minimal instrumentation, guitar, vocal, with cello coming in to provide gorgeous accompaniment and add depth and meaning to the narrative of the song. This song is stunning and an expression of what many human beings go through too often in life and this song can help understand that better and I salute Demi and the musicians for producing something so beautiful which I believe will help people who may feel like this get the help and support they deserve and for friends and family to understand this crippling illness so much better. 

Demi Thank You. Music is therapy and a healthy way to release emotions and this song is the epitome of that and is as important as it is powerfully beautiful.

Demi Marriner. Vocals and songwriter

Guitar Robbie Cavanagh

Cello Isabel Williamson

Stream here

For more info on Demi go to

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