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Review: Amy Lawton's New Single - 'Doesn't Mean I Don't'

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

Manchester ' s very own masterpiece Amy Lawton, today released her latest single 'Doesn 't Mean I Don 't'. I was introduced to Amy ' s music last August with her single 'New Light', from then my heart became in love with Amy's music.

The very talanted Matty Benbrook co wrote this song with Amy, the inspiration of this single came from her sister's break with her boyfriend, it's having different emotions, confusing your heart and mind. Amy took the desicion to change her sound with this song, and for me it's a beautiful change. 'Doesn't Mean I Don't' feels like a song I feel many people can relate to, because there will be many people out there in the world that have been in relationships, where the emotions are begining to strain, and then that difficult decision needs to be made. Although a relationship has ended, it can still leave a hole in your heart, because you're trying not to miss calling them, and also holding back those feelings, that could end up being in the same place you have chosen to escape from.

Amy is one of Britain ' s finest songwriters and 'Doesn't Mean I Don't' is such a beautiful example of that. I think for me although I have never been in the situation that Amy's sister has been through, I have been in situations where friendships have had to end because the tight rope of that friendship had become frayed.

At the beginning of the song, there is a lyric that stands out for me, "I was proud of myself, when I said goodbye " this lyric is so important because it demonstrates, Amy's sisters bravery and courage to end a relationship that was not good for her, she decided to put herself first, and begin the difficult process of healing the heart.

I believe that 'Doesn't Mean I Don't' will be at the top many people's playlists just because of the simplicity and beauty of this song.


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