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Review: 'Against The Grain' by Tommy Taylor

Written for FBC by Nathan King

Filey's finest Yorkshireman is back after his debut single 'Popcorn' that reached number 1 on the iTunes chart. Right off the Yorkshire Moors, Tommy brings us 'Against The Grain'. A beautiful yet soft sounding song, where the lyrics reach and tangle around many hearts.

For me going Against The Grain, is about not being afraid to be different, it's making a place in this world for ourselves, and not being afraid to knock some doors down to get there. Being different can feel like you have no soul, because you are not following the same crowd as everyone else is.

I think for me I can relate to this song because I don't follow everyone, I do my own thing, I follow what I believe and as long as I am happy, then the judgements and isolation won't ever really bother, at the end of the day we can follow the path we create for ourselves.

The lyric "cause people like me go against the grain" is a lyric that I feel everyone can relate because deep down everyone is different. Against The Grain for me tells a story of being alone, just playing the music that means something to us, and re-living memories that we hold close to our hearts.

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