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Review: 'Absent Friends' by The Outside Chancers & Brief Band Biography

With an acapella intro 'Absent Friends' is an uncluttered but really beautiful ballad with stunning harmonies. Gradually introducing piano, guitar and a lone cymbal you have to wait for the entire first verse before this song really gets underway.

The story the song portrays is that of remembering those 'Absent Friends' who are no longer here. Remembering happy times with those loved ones and raising a glass to them.

A Brief Band Biography.

The Outside Chancers are a new London based Americana band and we had the pleasure of hearing them play at the recent British Country Music Festival that was held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. The band members are Jen Armstrong, Dan Clark, Dave Browning and Siân Monaghan who bring with them a wealth of experience to our Country/Americana scene.

They have worked individually with artists like Logan Brill, The Wandering Hearts and Worry Dolls. Guitarist and songwriter Dan Clark has even had music featured on the 'Nashville' TV series and vocalist Jen Armstrong has performed alongside people like Billy Ocean.

The Outside Chancers have an EP recorded and waiting in the wings for a release date in the near future. They have quickly found support from the likes of Lyric Magazine, Belles & Gals and Countryline TV and not forgetting Baylen Leonard from Country Hits Radio. They are definitely an act to watch out for and are a fantastic addition to our ever expanding UK country family.

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