Press Release: 'Make Mine Country' Tour

The UK country scene is a vast, ever growing phenomenon that is beginning to capture the hearts of fans worldwide. Whist the home roots of country music may stem from across the pond, the UK has begun to create its own unique sub-culture following the journeys of UK artists and singer-songwriters who are honing their craft through combining personal experiences and influences on home grown soil with the authenticity and honesty of traditional country music.

Make Mine Country’ aims to showcase the inevitable diversity that is the country music genre. Whether it encompasses traditional country roots, Celtic-folk & Americana or country-pop and rock production, the lyrical content and influential background for these artists stems from the heart of country music.

They make their Country. Make Mine Country.

The 'Make Mine Country' tour will feature three of the UK's upcoming country artists: Stevie OConnor, Danny McMahon & Elliott Joseph.

Find out more & buy tickets Here:

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