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Peter Donegan Releases New Single


This is the brand new single by the Country/Americana Singer-Songwriter Peter Donegan.

Peter wrote this song with two great songwriting Texans he met at the Buddy Holly Songwriting Retreat in Lubbock Texas, Jerry Serrano, and NBC The Voice’s Madi Davis.

Upon arriving in Lubbock Texas from a tour in the U.K. where Peter was born, he immediately fell in love with the great state of Texas. As he arrived into Austin and started the long drive to Lubbock through the night, Peter rolled down the window, felt the warm Texas breeze hold him, and he felt at home. This song is an autobiographical tale of Peter's journey into Texas.

Peter is the son of late legend Lonnie Donegan – the artist who single handedly changed the British music industry, inspiring every British invasion band including The Beatles, Van Morison, Led Zeppelin and even Jack White names Lonnie as one of his major influences.

• The release date is August 1st – 2020. •

The song will be available to stream and download on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Peter is a scholar of the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. After writing this song at the Buddy Holly Songwriting Retreat, Peter, Jerry and Madi performed this song that same night for the first time at Buddy Holly’s old high school in Lubbock, TX.

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