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NEWS: Tara Henton to release debut single 'Now that You're Gone'

There’s something inevitable about Tara Henton’s status as a rising star of British country music

Release: Now That You’re Gone

Pre-Order: Friday 3rd September

Release Date: Friday 17th September

Born and raised in a small lakeside city in Ontario, Canada, Tara absorbed her father’s love for the iconic sounds of Nashville, with the likes of Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard blasting from the stereo. Creating and performing her own music soon became a crucial part of Tara’s identity. Honing her budding talent through piano and vocal lessons, she saved her pocket money to buy instruments, and wrote songs in her bedroom.

Tara blends teaching music with performing her self-penned songs to audiences who adore her charismatic stage presence, her upbeat banter, and her unmistakable Canadian country ‘twang’.

During February 2020, Tara took part in an online songwriting masterclass with Gretchen Peters and Mary Gauthier and it was during this time that ‘Now That You’re Gone’ came to life. “Now That You’re Gone’ was actually inspired by a writing prompt given by Mary, where she asked us to write either a love song or a break up song from the perspective of ‘the other’. I actually wrote this story from the male perspective, with the woman being the one driving away, and the man being the one left behind to pick up the pieces. After finishing the song, I set to work putting together a demo with the intention of pitching it to some publishers in Nashville, hoping that a male artist might show some interest and decide to record it.” [Tara]. Since performing the track at the Tennessee Fields Songwriter’s Workshop, Tara felt that the song was on another path and the demo itself evolved into the track being released today, her debut single!!... “and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

The first word I wrote down was ‘authentic’… (this song) sounded like it could easily have come from Nashville…” [Gavin Chittick, Millport CMF]

“Wonderful… absolutely amazing…I’d like to play it on the radio immediately.”

[Tim Prottey-Jones, Chris Country].

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