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NEWS: Shadow Bones to release '100 Years'

UK Americana artist Shadow Bones releases new single ‘100 Years’ to raise funds for Alcohol Change UK

UK Americana artist Luke Williams aka Shadow Bones is releasing his new single ‘100 Years’ on Friday 26th November which will raise awareness and funds for the charity Alcohol Change UK. Having worked in the music industry for 20 years as a songwriter, singer and band member, Luke from Surrey, UK created Shadow Bones during the pandemic; branching out with his own style of music as a solo artist. Having played to audiences of 30,000 and finding international success, lockdown gave him the opportunity to reflect on his past accomplishment and former rock star lifestyle and confronted his demons.

On the new single, Luke says;

"The song is called '100 Years' because no matter how many years go by, what has been said and done can never change, but the person that has said and done those things can change. It’s about changing your mind-set to stop worrying about what could have been and start believing what life can be”

Luke found that song writing in lockdown was cathartic and from it Shadow Bones was created. He wants to his experience to inspire others so working with Alcohol Change UK is especially important. Luke has been sober for seven years and ‘100 Years’ is a deeply personal yet inspirational reflection on his life. The single features the hauntingly beautiful cello solo from Harry Robinson who has worked with Sam Smith and Rag N Bone Man.

“Writing songs in lockdown was cathartic, a means of therapy. It transported me back to a dark period of time I had left behind in the years of recovering when I was battling sobriety demons. Being in lockdown gave me that time to reflect on life, what’s been, appreciate what you do have and what you don’t”.

In less than two weeks, there was an albums worth of material and a month later it was recorded. Shadow Bones has released three singles this year ‘Our Story’, ‘Love Is A Reason’ and ‘Everlasting Glow’. BBC Introducing have been championing Shadow Bones saying “Shadow Bones is gorgeous Americana Rock – he writes a cracking good tune!”

Shadow Bones is set to release a full album next year, covering his story from the high life to homelessness, a story worth telling.

‘100 Years’ is out 26th November and will be raising funds for Alcohol Change UK.

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