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NEWS: Jason Callear - Fortunate Sons

Jason Callear stands tall with powerful, relatable track ‘Fortunate Sons’

Fortunate Sons.

Release Date: Saturday 5th November

Think twangy guitar, backwoods and moonshine rather than Nashville's more commercial "Music Row". [Nashville Calling].

Jason Callear is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the UK offering a gritty eclectic fusion of Americana music in a wonderfully retro style. A solo recording artist for 10 years, working with Inspire Music, Jason meticulously assembles many of the instruments and vocal parts augmented with the very best talent from his County on all his recordings ensuring that the presentation is perfected.

Following the rebranding of his artistry and the re-release of his track ‘Brother’, Jason has grabbed the attention of the country music scene and is ready to release his follow up single ‘Fortunate Sons’. There is no doubt that this track will transport you back in time, rolling along the freeway at sunset, with a new 70’s vibe! ‘The guitar and piano snap together and are complimented wonderfully by the pedal steel licks’ accompanied by a simple, but powerful story.

I had this hook rolling around in my head and threw it together quickly. I don’t mind saying that it’s another nod to times gone by and I needed a bubbling, snappy bass line, nobody better fit the bill than local Staffs session man Chris Cliff who I’d jammed with at a Fat Pigeon live streaming gig the same year. This is the archetypal, ‘getting the band back together after a few years of sobering up’ story that most musicians will undoubtedly experience! In the a very meaningful reunion of a magical collaboration at some point in their careers, a great show and an amazing audience

[Jason Callear talking about ‘Fortunate Sons’]

We could stand together, We could learn together, We could run together, And if the lights are quite As bright tonight Then we’ve become, Fortunate Sons

[Fortunate Sons Lyrics]

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