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NEWS: Donna Marie and Patrick Jordanannounce new project, Dove Ties.

Dove Ties are a British Duo officially formed during the Lockdown of 2021, although unofficially had been working together on various projects since 2019. Patrick and Donna are both vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, producers and songwriters in their own rights but together, formed Dove Ties.

It all started with a social media post back in 28th July 2019 when Patrick posted a brief message asking if any female vocalists would record some backing vocals for him. Donna instantly replied and sent vocals for a song from Patrick's then, fourth-coming single ‘You’ which features Nashville's Linen Ray who also answered the call for vocals. Since then, Donna and Patrick have regularly worked together, albeit remotely. Dove Ties first official single ‘Light It Up’ is released worldwide Friday 12th November which was written and recorded earlier in the year. It’s a song about hope but will hit you right between the eyes with it’s catchy hooks and killer guitar riffs.

'Light It Up' is a blues/country rock & guitar driven, powerhouse of a song and will be the first Official Single from Dove Ties. Lyrically relevant to the current worldwide pandemic, but instead of living in the past, this song focuses on hope and looks towards the brighter future. With killer hooks and driving vocals you'll be singing along from the start.

Not only is 'Light It Up' the official single, the duo have released a B-side track 'When Love Comes to Town' (Originally US and Blues Legend BBKing) which is available to listen to NOW! The track was recorded as a live remote recording session.

“We wanted to introduce ourselves before the single was released and this also enables us to claim official social media and streaming platform channels.” Like everything Dove Ties does, this was all recorded and filmed remotely as a complete live performance.

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